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Why you need a task management tool

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Okay, so you’ve been in the business for a while now, it’s going quite well, and on top of that, you’ve hired yourself a VA to help you with your tasks. But instead of your workload easing up, you seem to be doing a lot more than before. 

Are you doing something wrong? Is the VA not helping you as he/she is supposed to? Why does it seem like things are more disorganized than ever?

Let me ask, does your business utilize a task management tool? If not, why? It’s actually a must for any business. 

What is a task management tool and why do you need it for your business?

A task management tool is basically an application that houses all the tasks involved in your business. This helps you prioritize tasks, manage your time wisely, meet deadlines and keep your team up-to-date. 

Having a task management tool enables you to:

  1. Manage everything in one place – a task management tool is a place where you can consolidate all the tasks and information involved in each of your projects or service, so you don’t have to worry about things getting lost and know immediately where to find the information you’re looking for.

  2. Make task delegation super easy – since this is a centralized tool for your team, this enables you to assign tasks quickly as well as monitor their progress. This also helps a lot in managing your team’s workload, so you don’t accidentally overload anyone on your team.

  3. Boost your team’s productivity – your team becomes aware of the tasks they have on their plate and will be able to plan ahead on how they can accomplish them, inform you if they need further details and direction, as well as prioritize them based on their urgency level.

  4. Improve team collaboration – all task management tools have a comment feature where anyone on your team can leave feedback as well as attach important files relating to a specific task. This enables the team to easily accomplish tasks and ask for assistance if necessary.

  5. Keep your business organized – if you’ve set up your task management tool properly, you’ll see how this can help keep your business systematized. This tool can help reduce the number of platforms you need to access (or at least have 1 place to have quick links to other platforms), gather important details for projects and clients, manage the team well, delegate tasks, and monitor progress, and many more. 

In other words, using task management tools like Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Notion, and others has tons of benefits that can help keep your sanity when managing your team and your business. 

If you’re already utilizing a task management tool and yet still feel overwhelmed, check out my task management guide. It might shed some light on how to set up your tasks management system properly. You can download the guide here.

If you’d like my help in sorting out a few things for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at dawn(at) or click here to send us an inquiry.

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