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VA vs Employee: What you need to know before hiring

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As a business owner whose business is doing well and might need an extra pair of hands sometime soon, would you hire an employee or a virtual assistant?

Both roles can carry out various responsibilities such as handling daily admin tasks, email management, social media management, and whatnot.

So what exactly is the difference between the two? 

I’ve listed the main and pretty obvious differences between an employee and a virtual assistant.

  1. COST – every business owner looks at cost when hiring people. You have to factor in how much you should allocate for the person you’re taking on and here’s a sample breakdown for each role.
    • Employees – Employers pay for their employees’ benefits, insurance, paperwork, payroll, and taxes. You also have to factor in your employees’ equipment especially if you have an office. Of course, there will be more depending on the business that you’re running. 
    • Virtual Assistant – they are responsible for their own benefits, and insurance which is usually included in their hourly rates and/or packages. They submit their own invoices, pay their taxes, and other government responsibilities. 

  1. SKILLSET / RESPONSIBILITIES – another deciding factor is the skillset of the person and how many responsibilities they can take on.
    • Employees – perform tasks that are assigned to them under the supervision of the owner/supervisor/manager. Their responsibilities can be developed over time if needed. 
    • Virtual Assistant – they perform their tasks based on the contracted services, which means they can take on various tasks from different aspects of your business (e.g. social media management and website maintenance). 

  1. TIME/SCHEDULE – do you have a preference for your team’s work schedule?
    • Employees – they have a set working hours (e.g. 9AM to 5PM)
    • Virtual Assistant – they can work at any time of the day, and usually have a very flexible schedule, although at times there’s room for discussion on defined schedules.

  1. LOCATION – are you comfortable with working with someone whom you’ve never personally met or are you the traditional type?
    • Employees – they usually work in an office, but there has been some hybrid set-up present in the workplace. This would still depend on your workplace preference. 
    • Virtual Assistant – can work remotely as long as there is internet service. 

Considering all the differences mentioned above, who do you prefer to hire? There are pros and cons to each, but it all boils down to your preference and your business needs. You may choose to hire an employee especially if you need full-time support, but if you’d like a more diverse assistance and to skip the hassle of handling a lot of paperwork, then a virtual assistant might be a better fit. 

Do you need an extra pair of hands to help you run your business? I might be able to help! Don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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