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Virtual Assistant: To hire or not to hire

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Do you spend most of your time working on your daily admin tasks to keep the business afloat or do you spend your time working on strategies to grow and develop your business?

How about at the end of your day? Do you work a little bit more just to catch up with a few tasks for your business or do you spend it with your family or a night with friends?

Do you feel excited waking up in the morning thinking you’re doing what you’re passionate about or exhausted because it’s another day to tackle the most tedious part of running your business?

Think about that for a second and really think through if this is really the life you wanted when you started your business. 

You’ve built your business and have managed to get it in a good place – you have loyal clients and business is going well, but you’re almost always exhausted and at your wit’s end. 

You’ve been running your business by yourself; if you want to keep your momentum going, you will need someone to assist you.

So, what exactly is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled and independent professional who provides different services from a remote location. 

The definition is straightforward. They’re basically your assistant and will be there to help you run your business.

What difference do virtual assistants make in your business?

  1. (Not to Hire) You continue wasting your time working on the most tedious tasks of your business (the same tasks that you always hate doing) versus (To Hire) spending your invaluable time planning strategies to develop your business:

    Think of it for a second:

    Would you rather spend your time answering emails all day or speaking with potential clients?

    Would you rather research how to set up an email marketing platform or create a freebie or course that would be beneficial to your audience and clients?

    YOUR TIME is valuable, so be sure to spend it wisely.

  1. (Not to Hire) You’re constantly burnt out and stressed versus (To hire) having a good work-life balance:

    Would you rather work 24/7 just to keep your business afloat or have that flexibility that you’ve always wanted?

    Yes, you’re a superhuman for keeping your business afloat all this time by yourself but what’s the cost? Your mental health is deteriorating, you’re constantly tired and stressed out and most importantly, you don’t even have the time and energy to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Hire yourself a reliable VA to ease all of those burdens.

  1. (Not to hire) Your tasks are all over the place versus (To Hire) be more efficient and productive:

    You’ve always been working by yourself so you’ve never really thought of setting up processes and optimizing the way you do things. Those things will change by hiring a capable and reliable virtual assistant as they will help you be more efficient and productive, and make your business much more scalable. 

In summary, having a virtual assistant can relieve you of the work and stress brought on by running your business yourself. By having a reliable VA you’ll have a better work-life balance, have the brain capacity to improve and grow your business and be more efficient and productive

If you’re already considering hiring one, you might want to read through my All-Inclusive Virtual Assistant guide first to know where to find them, and the apps & tools you’ll need for a smooth working relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

And, if you would like to partner with me to help you sort some of the things in your business, you can send an inquiry or email me at dawn(at) 

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