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I found Dawn through an online job board. I was managing my tasks effectively, but honestly the demand for my web agency work had really grown beyond what I could do on my own. It was time for a VA!

I hired Dawn because she actually got to know my business before applying for my posting, AND she was positive and communicated clearly in our interview. Not only that — she had built her own website! That’s pretty impressive and really takes her value to the next level, especially for a web agency owner like myself.

Dawn quickly became a valuable asset for my team. She spent the first month knee deep in documentation, trascribing endless Loom videos of me screensharing how I do my work. It was tedious stuff, but she never complained once! Just smiled and kept me updated on her progress.

After finishing that documentation, Dawn has slipped into the role of VA with a heavy emphasis in WordPress. She can take care of more administrative tasks, yes, like social media scheduling, file organization, and transcription. BUT she’s also extremely resourceful and handy in WordPress, even going so far as developing and designing web pages using Elementor.

tl;dr is: Extremely efficient. Incredibly resourceful. I’m so grateful to have Dawn on my team, freeing me up to literally DOUBLE the client capacity that I had before hiring her!

Jennie Lakenan

Jenniel Lakenan Web Consulting, Owner

As a project manager, Dawn inspires confidence in our team. Starting as a technical VA she immediately filled a gap to support the CEO of a growing company, ensuring customer satisfaction was paramount.

Her attention to detail, interest and diligence in the first few months meant she was the natural choice to develop her position and increase her level of responsibility. She has successfully implemented a project management system for the company and helped put processes in place to ensure delivery times are met, team members know their task priorities and clients are informed on progress.

She is always positive, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure team and customer satisfaction. Dawn is very much a team player but at the same time is a natural leader. Taking initiative, finding solutions and helping with business development in all areas of the company. She is a pleasure to work and I look forward to our continued working relationship in the years to come.

Caroline Somer

Somer Design

She’s a dedicated and flexible workload support. She understood my fast paced communication, have been so willing to learn and very open to all of the tasks, and delivered tremendous results!

My favorite part about working with her is her willingness to jump in and do anything, and also the fact that she really processes the task before starting it and asks great questions for clarification.

She has changed my life for the better. I can now actually complete my work and have better work-life balance. She has been great to work with, and I appreciate her being so flexible and available during my busy times.

Tanisha Cross

Owner & Director of Events, Cross Events

Just wanted to express how wonderful it’s been working with Dawn. I’m not particularly tech-savvy, so handing tech tasks isn’t my forte. Before working with Dawn, I struggled with the tech aspects of my work. But since bringing her on board, my workload has been so much smoother. I can always rely on her to alleviate the stress by taking care of these technical challenges, allowing me to focus on essential tasks. Her dedication to detail and promptness in completing work never cease to amaze me. She consistently go above and beyond, often pointing out crucial tasks I hadn’t even considered. Her support has been invaluable, and I truly appreciate it.

Cheryl Phan

Business Coach

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