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Grow your business by delegating tasks

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Ever wonder why some business owners are more successful than others? Even if they have the same resources, why does their growth rate have so much difference?

Let me ask, where do you think the majority of their time goes? Is it performing daily admin tasks or planning their next marketing strategy?

The answer to these questions might be the reason why their business is either thriving or still stuck in its current state.

As a business owner, your time is precious and should be reserved to make the most important decisions for your business. 

So how do you do that?

To free up your time, you will need to do a bit of task delegation. 

What does task delegation mean? 

Task delegation means you’re passing over a specific task or responsibility to someone else. For example, you’re delegating a client onboarding task to your virtual assistant. 

Before you entertain the thought that you couldn’t possibly do that because they don’t know how to do it properly, let me tell you first what you’re missing by not delegating. 

Here’s how task delegation can influence your business:

  1. It gives you time and brain capacity to focus on your most important tasks. By delegating tasks, you’ll have more time to work on strategies that would bring growth to your business.

  1. Increased productivity. This means. you’re not the only one working on tasks. You may have a VA or a team that can work on different aspects of your business. For example, a social media manager to manage your social media accounts, an admin VA to manage your meeting schedules and inbox, or a tech VA to handle updating your website. Ultimately, it means you’ll be able to accomplish a lot in less time. 

  2. Increased efficiency. If you’re able to properly delegate tasks, which means assigning tasks that align with your team’s strengths, that would improve the process of how things are being done. Your team will have a chance to enhance their own skills which will be quite beneficial for your business. This will enable you to come up with a game plan involving your and your team’s strengths and therefore provide invaluable service to your clients.   

Those are the top 3 importance of why you should delegate. And to answer your concern about your team not being able to accomplish the tasks according to your standards, creating an SOP will solve that dilemma. 

To wrap this up, if you’d like to have a thriving business, you’d have to be comfortable letting go of some of your responsibilities and thinking of the bigger picture. Where would you like your business to be in 3-5 years? How do you think you’ll get there?

If you’d like to grow your business at a pace that you would like it to be, then start delegating tasks. 

If you don’t have a VA yet and you think you’re ready to let go and have someone reliable to assist you, check out my All-Inclusive VA guide to know where to find them, and the apps & tools you’ll need for a smooth working relationship. And if you would like to work with me, you can send an inquiry or email me at dawn(at)

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